Friday, October 15, 2010

Colonial Theatre

The Colonial Theatre, Belfast, Maine, was built in 1912, and restyled in Art Deco fashion during a major 1947 renovation.

The Colonial Theatre today.

The Colonial Theatre location has undergone recent upgrades in which Art Deco paintings have been added to enhance the theater.

According to the Colonial Theatre history site : "In 1997, Perry’s Nut House, an internationally known Belfast roadside attraction since 1927 on Route One was completely sold off and liquidated. The much loved elephants were saved by the Colonial Theatre from the auctioneer’s gavel and kept in Belfast. Hawthorne, the big guy took up proud residence on the roof and Baby Hawthorne, handcrafted in 1938, continues his warm and welcoming ways, challenging climbers of all ages in our Lower Lobby. Together, they add a graceful air of showmanship."

Most contemporary photographs are by Theirry Bonneville.

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